Revival in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Evangelist Andreas Huebner from Germany reports more than 30,000 conversions during a 5-day crusade in Pakistan. This islamic nation is experiencing the beginning of a great revival. Although there is a death penalty for any person who insults Islam or the "prophet" Mohammed, Christians in Pakistan have recently conducted a mass miracle crusade in Faisalabad, third-largest city of Pakistan.

The crusade was held in co-operation with Evangelist Andreas Huebner (Jesus To The World Mission, Germany), who was the speaker at the miracle crusade which took place from September 13-17. More than 12,000 people gathered on a public place in Faisalabad. It was the biggest crusade ever held in this area of Pakistan. The place where the crusade was being held was in fact too small to contain all the people, so an additional 2,000 people where standing outside on the roads and on the rooftops of neighboring houses. Thousands of the visitors where muslims who turned their lifes to Jesus Christ during the crusade. The amplification system used for the crusade was so powerful, that people living within a 5 miles distance could listen to the gospel message.

After the second day of the crusade, the campaign became the talk of the town. People everywhere were talking about the spectacular miracles that the Lord Jesus has done during the meetings. Many blind eyes opened. Totally paralyzed people began to walk. Epileptic men and women received their healing. People with deformed and twisted bodies were made whole. Heart and kidney diseases disappeared. Many people who where crippled due to typhoid fever received their healing from the Lord. One night a woman brought her crippled daughter Maria to the crusade, when Evangelist Huebner prayed for the sick, little Maria began to walk instantly. The mother called the local Mullah (muslim priest) and told him about the miracle that happened to her daughter. The next day the Mullah called the crusade office in Faisalabad and asked if he could bring some more of his members to the crusade so that they can be healed and receive Jesus Christ. Evangelist Andreas Huebner is planning to visit Pakistan again in 2001. He is asking for prayer support. Churches and organizations that are interested in becoming prayer partners for Pakistan may contact Jesus To The World Mission and ask for a free video tape (VHS PAL) about the crusade. The email address is <>.

Source: Jesus To The World Mission
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000

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