Hundreds of Healings in Mexican Revival

"The Time is Now! Forty Nights of Revival" campaign at "Tierra Prometida - Monte Maria, Mexico City. April 7th to May 16, 1999!

April 14th, 1999, Night Eight of the forty nights. - Written by Wesley Campbell on site in Mexico City.

What a night, . . . I am overwhelmed! Tonight the eighth night began like all the rest. Seven thousand people in attendance. Great praise and worship. Every thing that led to the previous three thousand five hundred people being saved, was being done again tonight. But tonight there was a difference - the massive amount of sick people. To be sure, Charles Ndifon had said, "bring the sick, the dying, and the dead . . .!" But just to see them all assembled in front of you is was very disconcerting. There were thousands of sick! Rows of wheel chairs, stretchers, and wheelbarrows with the sick. The mentally retarded, the crippled, and the deformed. I watched a pitiful sight as a father tenderly held his twelve-year-old girl and stroked her head. The tragedy was that you not tell what gender the child was except for the earrings. Her head was about a foot high as if her she skull had been wrapped in a turban of short hair. The extension of her deformed skull was caved in on the back side with a cavity the size of an orange. Her face on one side was somewhat normal, but the left side looked more like it has been run over by a truck. It was totally deformed and mangled. Where an eye should have been, the skin was closed over with no opening at all, but rather a type of eyelash grown on the skin. Her ear was deformed and knotted into a little ball the whole left side shrivelled to appear smaller than the right side. When the worship rang out, she seemed to lift her crippled arms and hands upward to heaven. Though she could not walk and had to be brought in a wheelchair, her father was holding her in his arms and stroking her back. In response she began to stroke his head. He wept and cried out to God. The whole scene was so absolutely pathetic that I myself was overwhelmed. Two thousand five hundred sick, all coming to be healed by Jesus.

As Charles Ndifon began to preach, and all I could think was, " oh man, ... am I ever glad I'm not up there tonight." Honestly I was swept into more and more unbelief by the moment just looking at this sea of misery. But Charles preached with confidence, "Smile tonight. Smile, don't frown. I don't want you to frown hear. God is happy tonight because he is going to heal you. You don't have to strain to be healed. Just have faith in God." The people were desperate but expecting. He went on, "Faith comes by hearing, confidence comes by seeing. Boldness will come by doing. Faith is not a product of reason, but a product of revelation. God's love is different than his promises. God's love is unconditional. God's promises depend on you joining them with your faith. Do you believe God is going to touch you tonight?"

On and on went the message. Ten minutes, twenty minutes . . . thirty minutes, faith was coming. The text was about the man let down through the roof of the house to the feet of Jesus. "What is going to stop you from receiving your miracle tonight?" Then without warning, the man with the deformed little girl came walking slowly up to the platform. He was still holding his little girl in his arms and tears streamed down his cheeks. He was crying as he moaned out, "I love my daughter, . . and then louder, I LOVE MY DAUGHTER! Oh God heal my daughter. It was pathetic. Then a man with a crippled arm hobbled forward. Then a strong thirty five-year-old father carrying two of his little girls came forward and knelt on the cement. Someone brought a stretcher. Wheel chairs began to wheel forward. People were getting out of their seats everywhere. But Charles kept preaching. They came and came, and still Charles would not stop teaching and building their faith. Shortly over two thousand sick people where standing, kneeling, and laying all over the cement. I thought, " . . . Oh God, what are you going to do?"

Charles did not stop teaching until he was done. Then he took time to lead hundreds to faith in Christ. Finally it came time to pray for the sick. But Charles was saying, "you don't have to wait for the prayer, . . . you can be healed right now. Just begin to believe and do what you could not do." People in wheel chairs were being walked, carried, and dragged along the fifty-foot length of the platform. Every one was praying. We started with the first major healing prayer for the sick. Commotion was happening everywhere. Charles said, " if you are healed come quickly to the front and testify. Come now!" Knowing that it was important to build faith at this point I ran down to the platform entrance at the stairs to interview through interpreter those who professed healing. At first there was no one.

Then a few came to speak of some healing. We had to turn one away, for everyone who testified. But slowly some real healings were coming forward. Then more. Now came testimonies. Then more people saying they were healed. The flow was starting to happen.

Knowing that the testimonies would take some time, I decided to get the father and the deformed little girl and pray for them. I sent for them and the came, this pitiful little band. I asked the father, "what is your name?" He said, "my name is Angel. My wife's name was Angelica. And of course their little girl they named Angela." Here they were, . . . three angels. Lacking in faith I reached out my hand and began to pray. Where to begin. The skull felt in larger in my hands. The missing eye, the deformed face, the wrecked spine, the crippled limbs, and the mental capacities. I prayed for everything with no visible change. But it was good to pray. The whole family was happy to have prayer. Then I felt an affirmation for the parents. We blessed them and spoke the affirmation of God on them. They were so appreciative to be prayed for.

Now a crowd had congregated around me. The testimonies gathering steam up on the stage. I wasn't needed as much at the stairs, and so I thought I would also begin to pray for people. First this one, then that one. Then somewhere in the mix a lady brought a two-year-old boy up saying he could not walk. As she held him she said, "whenever he tries to walk he can only take a couple steps and then he falls on his face or bangs his head. My son cannot walk. At her insistence I prayed for his back. Then going on Charles instructions I said, "get him to walk. Do something you couldn't do before. Walk him." She began to walk her two-year-old by the fingers. Then she let go of his fingers. As naturally as anything the little child was walking around. In fact his walking looked normal to me. Surprise I asked, " are you sure he can't walk? What exactly was wrong?" Her expression said it all. The mother was crying as she said, "my little boy has never walked in his life more than a few steps. He has had a type of a pigeon toe step and he always falls over and hurts himself." And yet here he was walking. We took him up in front of eight thousand people, and there in front of all the crowd he walked back and forth across the stage as if he had been doing it for all his two-year-old life. The crowd continued to cheer. For me, the next seven people we prayed for, were all healed on the spot - eye problems, severe pains in the chest, lump in the breast, wrecked back . . . whatever. For the next two hours the power of God was manifest all over the area.

After fifty testimonies later the crowds were beginning to thin out. It was time for Charles of go down amongst the people. Immediately a large crowd gathered around him. He was praying for this one and that one. Then a demonized girl being held by four men, was pushed through the crowd towards him. Her face was red and violent looking. They wanted Charles to pray for her. Casually Charles said "wait," and he just continued to pray for the deaf. Ten deaf were suddenly healed! Then Charles turned back in the direction of the demonized girl and told the people holding her to bring her over. He touched her and she manifested and dropped. The demons came right out of her. It didn't take two minutes. Charles then turned to a lady in a wheelchair and yanked her up. She was shocked. As he continued to prayed down the line faith was building. Later he said, "it became like cruise control. I would just say, 'check your pain'." A man with crippling arthritis, was crying. Charles keep speaking to their faith. "When I come to you, smile. It's easy." The old man with arthritis was now in front of Charles. Speaking with confidence Charles looked at him and said, "its okay God will heal you." Without even praying Charles raised his hand and lowered it again in the direction of the man. Immediately the man with ten years arteries was healed and all the pain gone. Really the whole crowd was being healed, and they could not believe it. Amazed, the interpreter could not speak.

In all at least three hundred people experienced some type of healing that night. Many would be healed in their homes that night as they slept. What an awesome night. I realized as well I learned something, "don't let compassion move into pity, and then into unbelief. Keep looking at God, He is the one that healeth thee!"

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Bio: Wesley and Stacey pastor and lead New Life Vineyard Fellowship, a church they founded in 1986. They are also Directors of an ever-growing mercy and mission thrust via an international organization called "Hope for the Nations" which was also founded out of their church. The extension arm of their work is called "Revival Now!" Ministries, which has a special emphasis on church renewal, prophecy, and revival. Both Wesley and Stacey are frequent conference speakers, with much of their time spent ministering internationally. They and their five children live in Kelowna, BC, Canada.


Summary report of week two of Forty Nights of Revival, April 12th, to 18th, 1999.

Report # 6: Written by Wesley Campbell on site in Mexico City.

As the pace continuous strenuous each day, I have decided to combine a summary report of the whole second week up till April 18th. Each morning through out the second week we ran evangelistic revival meetings at different locations around Mexico City. Crowds ranged anywhere from 750 to 1000 each day. These meetings were held in baseball fields, and civic auditoriums, to make shift canopies spread over dusty grounds. The response was fantastic. At each of these rallies the team made up of Wesley Campbell, Charles Ndifon, and David Lee Pong preached the six-morning venues.

At the Mexican "dance party hall" the atmosphere was everything you would expect. Gaudy pink and white walls. A prominent bar where drinks are served. A balcony overhanging the large party contained hundreds who could look down over the goings on. It was in this 'converted' holy place that gang kids, druggies, homosexuals, and the poor all came forward to receive Christ. It felt like we could have given the altar call after only five minutes, and the response for salvation would have been overwhelming.

The second morning gathering was held in a converted auto body shop complete with black oil on the dust, and a make shift canopy strung over an incomplete brick structure. The reason for the rude structure was that due to Roman Catholic persecution of the meetings the Tuesday gathering had been on again off again for the last few weeks. At the last minute the meetings were relocated and the mob who were waiting to break up the work of God were left confused standing there with their sticks and clubs, wondering where we were. In this particular meeting the worship reached levels that made us all conscious of angelic co-operation. Many in the crowd began to "fall out in the Spirit" on to the dusty ground not to get up for the next thirty minutes. This morning twenty alcoholics came forward to be prayed for and a massive outbreak of ecstatic prophetic impartation occurred. Those prophesying carried on for the next two to three hours.

All though the week in this section of the city and that poor neighborhood the people came out in surprising numbers. The night meetings at "Tierra Prometida - Monte Maria" grew to crowds of four thousand to ten thousand depending on the night. When Charles Ndifon arrived, there was a definite increase in attendance and interest. They had heard of the healings and now they were there to experience it for themselves ( See report # 5 ). Not to be disappointed, so many miraculous healing occurred this week that is impossible to document them in brief. Some things immediately come to mind from the night meetings.

Wednesday night after hours of preaching and praying a young fellow came up on the stage and begged us to just pray for his shirt as a cloth that he could carry to his dying sister in the hospital with leukemia. The doctors had given her just days to live and they had no other hope. With no special unction of faith we reached out and grabbed his shirt and prayed the prayer of proxy. The young man took it to her on Thursday. On Friday the man (her brother) came to testify that she was now out in one day. Then on Saturday the women herself came to the meetings and sat in the pouring rain for three hours waiting to testify and give glory to God for her healing. One of our doctors, Patrick Yam checked her after her testimony and affirmed the healing signs of dried blood in her mouth etc. Patrick said, "as best and he could diagnose she showed all the signs of remission."

A women came forward who was wild with anger at the Pastor Aurelio. Her anger was due to the fact that he as a Roman Catholic priest had left the RC church. In her anger she swore at Pastor Aurelio and almost looked as if she were going to strike him. Finally the ushers got her settled down. Later during the call for those who were sick and needed healing, she came forward with a growth on her neck. Charles asked her if she wanted to be healed. After repenting and asking Jesus into her heart, Charles prayed for her and the growth immediately shrunk and disappeared. Crying with joy she went and found Pastor Aurelio and fell on his neck weeping with repentance. What a picture of the grace of God.

On one evening Charles Ndifon asked for those who were missing body parts to come forward. Not those who were sick or had diseases, . . . but those who were actually missing parts. No ear drums, retina's, spleens, etc etc. So many came it was again overwhelming. One lady who was in a wheel chair was missing a lung and wheeling a five-foot high green oxygen tank beside her chair. When Charles prayed for her he said, "do what you could not do!" With that he helped her out of her wheel chair, and the women began to walk. They unhooked the oxygen tank and she began to walk all around unassisted by chair or oxygen. Then she began to walk faster. Within minutes she was breathing clearly and able to do exceedingly more than she could do before. Praise the Lord.

And so it went for the first two weeks of the "Forty Nights of Revival" in Mexico City. There is no question that momentum is growing. Meetings continue every night right though to May 16th. Please continue to pray.
Source: IRN - http://www.revivalnet.NET



June 3, 1999
Ex-priest preaches to tens of thousands in Mexico

Thousands of people in Mexico City have become Christians in revival services preached by Aurelio Gomez, an excommunicated Roman Catholic priest.

...As many as 25,000 people attend services held outdoors nightly on the church's land, Canadian evangelist Wesley Campbell, who also has preached at the services, told Religion Today.

...At least 10,000 have become Christians. Most reportedly are nominal Catholics, who never experienced "real salvation faith that makes God first in your life," Campbell said. Many leave drugs, pornography, satanic literature, and weapons at a trash heap at the services as a sign of their changed lives, he said. Others reportedly have been cured of physical illnesses or delivered from spiritual afflictions when ministers pray for them, missionary Roberto Stevenson said.

...A man confessed to robbing people on buses, and turned in four knives and a gun. A 15-year heroin addict said God delivered him from drugs, that he had not used them for more than a month, and that he received a calling from God to preach the gospel, Stevenson said. A transvestite who once danced in homosexual bars said he has been transformed. A prostitute came to the altar and cried, then said she has become a new person.

...The revival services have lasted 50 days and probably will continue until seasonal rains become heavy in mid-June, said Campbell, who preached the first 10 days of the services. He has traveled to several nations in the past few years, urging churches to begin fasting and praying for revival.

...Campbell is pastor of New Life Vineyard Fellowship in Kelowna, British Columbia, and is affiliated with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (see link #1 below), home of the "Toronto Blessing." He has preached in several countries about revival and helped spread what some charismatic Christians call the Blessing of God's Holy Spirit. Some involved in the movement report supernatural experiences that lead to a deeper relationship with

...In Mexico, Campbell works with Gomez, 73. He had been a Catholic priest for 20 years when he had a "real encounter" with Jesus Christ, Campbell said. "He said he was totally religious and totally lost -- depressed and dry because he did not know Jesus." A Catholic charismatic told Gomez that God loved him, then prayed for him. "At that point, he said, the Spirit of the Lord entered his heart and his life was changed," Campbell said.

...Gomez began a ministry praying for Mexico City's sick and handicapped that attracted hundreds to his church. He left when residents complained about religious seekers sleeping all over the neighborhood, and started a congregation near a dump on the outskirts of Mexico City. Several years later he was given a 15-acre piece of property in Monte Maria Atizapan Zaragoza, northwest of the city, with a 25,000-seat outdoor church and training centers that hold 1,500 and 3,000 people.

...The church was the largest Catholic congregation in Mexico, Campbell said. Gomez also oversaw about 3,000 home prayer groups throughout the country and ran a retreat center attended by tens of thousands of people six times a year. His influence and charismatic emphasis irked some church leaders, but others defended him. Campbell and his wife, Stacey, visited Gomez and preached at the church in 1995.

...When Stacey Campbell preached at Gomez's church "many thousands were physically hit by the Holy Spirit and they began falling, laughing, shaking, and weeping," Campbell said. The manifestations spread to prayer groups around the country, and criticism from the Catholic hierarchy became so great that Gomez left the church, Campbell said. He was excommunicated several days later.

..."It became the largest evangelical church in Mexico overnight," Campbell said. Most of his Catholic followers left, but others began to come to his ministry. The church has about 10,000 members and a strong evangelistic outreach.

Source: ReligionToday


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