Miracles in India

Around 122,000 people came to hear the Good News of Christ during the March-April open-air crusades which were held in three small unreached towns in the Punjab state of north India.

Thousands called upon the Name of the Lord for salvation. Hundreds testified of miraculous healings, including those who were blind, deaf, dumb, and lame. One (leprosy sufferer) said his sores had dried up. Legs which were skinny because of polio were made whole, and many received deliverance from demons.

The largest crusade was the second one, in Sri Hargovindpur, where the crowd reached around 10,000 on the last night. A notable miracle took place on the first night, when a pastor’s daughter (known personally to us) who had suffered with polio for many years was instantly made whole. Her foot was crooked, which had caused her to walk with great difficulty, but now she was walking perfectly. On the night of her healing, she could hardly talk, testifying with tears streaming down her face.

Demons cry out

There was an unusually large number of demonic manifestations which took place every night in Sri Hargovindpur, with demons screaming, people rolling on the ground, shaking and moving uncontrollably. During the crusade, many testified, with smiling faces, that they had been set free from the torment of the demons, and were now experiencing the peace that comes from Christ. One lady said that she had tried to kill her own children because of the demons that had control of her.

Dreams and visions

God revealed Himself to some during the crusade in dreams and visions. One man, who was born totally blind, saw a vision of Jesus feeding the multitudes. In the vision, Jesus came to him and asked, "What would you like Me to do for you?" The man replied that he might receive his sight, and his eyes were opened that night. A lady who could not use her hands had a dream one night in which she was picking up the baby Jesus. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes, just as she had heard at the children’s meeting during the crusade. When she woke up the next morning, her hands were completely healed.

During the three small crusades, there were 55 testimonies given by people who were delivered from evil spirits, 35 who were blind or had serious eye defects, 31 who were deaf and/or dumb, 31 who had tumors, and 26 who were lame.

Local pastors rejoice

On the last Sunday of the crusade, we had a morning meeting in a village church near Sri Hargovindpur. Hundreds of new believers from the crusade attended the church for the first time. The pastor was so happy, he was jumping up and down during the service! Another pastor had a list of hundreds of people who were healed during the crusade, and was in the process of starting a new church in the city. He was excited that there were so many people of non-Christian background who were now professing Christ.

Love in Christ, Dale & Mary


About 15,000 people are becoming Christians daily in India, the country of 950 million (estimated 1997).

...Christianity is growing rapidly in India. The official estimates are about 2-3%, but those aren’t accurate because new christians don’t inform the government when they become Christians."

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