A Vision: The Spear Wound In Jesus' Side

I was one of the speakers at "Catch the Fire - Chicago" conference, held Nov 7-10 2001. The conference was held at Zion, the city that was established by one of the first healing evangelists - John A. Dowie. It was at Zion that John G. Lake was Baptized in the Spirit and received gifts of healings & miracles.

On the Friday night service, in the midst of worship, the Lord gave a vision to me. He showed me a map of North America. And then with out notice, Jesus walked into the meeting and stretched Himself over North America.

"Why Lord have you blessed us in this very personal way?", I asked.

He replied in an almost audible voice, "I have come to this land because of all the past revivals & prayers that have soaked the land with My name and I have come to release great things at this time."

Jesus showed me His wounds and especially the wound that was dug into His side by the soldiers spear. So, I asked, "Why do you show me this wound to your side Lord?"

He then told me to look at where that wound was located in position to the map of North America. I did as He asked and I was shocked. It was right over lower Manhattan, where the ground was wounded by the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.

Then Jesus' voice to me thundered: "In the same was that my side was wounded by the spear and there flowed from my side 'both blood & water' (John 19:34), this nation was wounded by a double edged spear that greatly marked the land. I took the blow for this nation. My purposes will be fulfilled. I say that NOW will flow over North America and over many nations of the earth a fresh release of blood & water from My side. The blood is for the covering of sin - people will being turning to Me by the thousands. The water is for the healing (Ez.47:12) of broken bodies that will again bring many to Me."

Then Jesus continued, "These days will be the best of days for My Church."

(Jim Paul)

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