Vision of the overcomers

Rick D'Orazio received this vision in a prayer time on Wed. June 16 1999:

I saw a great battlefield strewn with many wounded soldiers. Some were groaning, some were laying still. In the distance, I saw Jesus approaching the battlefield. He approached one soldier who was laying still. As Jesus stood over this soldier, He pulled out what appeared to be a bottle of wine. I immediately knew that it was the best wine. It was last days wine. He then pulled out a bottle of oil and again I knew that it was the best oil. The Lord then began to pour both bottles simultaneously on the wounded soldier. The soldier was healed in a gradual sort of way. The soldier's first impulse was to get back into the battle but Jesus urged him just to lay still and feel the effects of the oil and the wine.

Jesus then went to every soldier on the battlefield and poured out the oil and wine over them. The bottles never ran out as Jesus continued to pour and pour, not just a little, but a continuous pouring and spilling out of the oil and wine out of the same bottles. I could almost smell the oil and the wine. At this point I was just weeping and weeping. In the vision I asked the Lord, "Lord, what about the battle? How did it turn out? Who won? He looked at me with the widest smile and with the most glorious expression of joy and happiness and simply said, "We did"! As I lay there on the pew, my weeping turned into wailing. He said "We", not "I". "WE won". Then I saw Him go to every soldier and He began to pin a medal on their chest, right over their heart. I had one too. Each medal had an inscription on it that read 'OVERCOMER', and under the word vercomer was the name of a nation. Some medals had the same nation inscribed on them and others were different, but everyone had a nation. At this point, I reached for my Bible to look up the word overcomer or overcome. I went to Revelations 2:26. I was absolutely overcome with astonishment as I read the verse, "To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations." At this point the vision ended.

Here are some of the applications of the vision: The vision takes place on the battlefield of the last days. Although renewal and revival has come, many have had to pay a dear price and have suffered wounds of rejection and misunderstanding. The best wine represents the healing, restoring power of the Holy Spirit. In New Testament times, wine was used as a medicine and disinfectant. Oil was also used in the treatment of wounds as well as protection against the scorching sun or dryness of the desert. Oil was also regarded as a symbol of honor (Judg.9:9). The Lord is going to pour out one final last days healing over the church as well as a pouring out of honor over His bride. He is removing the shame caused by the ministry scandals of the 1980's. This shame was world-wide in it's reach. The soldier who wanted to get back into the battle represents many of us who do not know how to enter into God's rest. Stillness is misinterpreted as passiveness and laziness.

However, being still before the Lord and labouring to enter into His rest is an earmark of the last days church. Self- promotion, selfish ambition, self-preservation, will be disinfected from our system with the last days outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We must be still enough in out spirit to feel the effects of this outpouring. When the Lord said "We", this again represents the church's priviledge and honor to partake of Christ's victory. As we have enjoyed the spoils of grace and mercy lavished on us because of Christ's victory on the cross, in the last days we will partake of the spoils of the last days harvest. The medals pinned on each soldier's heart marks the overcoming church.

Those who have battled and laboured with pure motives are volunteers, not conscripts. They willingly give up everything, loving not their lives, even unto death. They have been pinned by Jesus and not by man. The nation inscribed on each medal is the nation that each Christian has had a burden for and has interceded and/or travelled to that nation to share the gospel. This means that we must be burdened for a nation before Christ will give us authority over that nation (Rev.2:26). Things I did not NOT see in the vision: - Soldiers fighting and wounding other soldiers of the same army. - Soldiers squabbling with Jesus about the kind of oil and wine He was pouring out. They were not asking Him what label was on the bottles. - Soldiers trying to take the bottles from Jesus' hand. -Soldiers inscribing their own medals. After I received this vision, I asked the Lord if He wanted me to share it with the body. He said, "Immediately". Feel free to pass it on.

(Rick D'Orazio)

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