Evangelist Randy Clark in Northern China (January 2001)

In this province we will be speaking to leaders of 13,000 churches who are over 500,000 Christians. In a tiny apartment in a room that is only 11 feet wide and 16 feet long over 50 pastors are crowded into a small space. In this district the church began to be planted in the late 1980's. In 1987 the overseer was unsaved and in need of a healing, a friend hearing of his pain traveled to see him from Beijing to pray over him. He was healed as well as delivered. Then after leading him to Jesus the incredible journey of how over one half million have come to also know Jesus started. We found out that 80 90% of all those who have come to the Lord have come through being healed first by Jesus, which led to their wanting Jesus to come into their lives. Having no Old Testament to read and only the new, they hand wrote thousands of copies that they left with churches they planted. They knew nothing more than Jesus heals, saves and sets you free of bondages. With this simple gospel message they risked all and traveled across the country with this message of forgiveness demonstrated by the healings of their bodies and the freedom that comes through deliverance. We witnessed the same thing in Mozambique last year in what is becoming a true people's movement. Literally thousands of people are coming to the Lord as his Spirit is being sovereignty poured out upon the land. We also asked them how do the unlearned lead so many to Christ and start so many churches without any education whatsoever. The answer is as simple as the gospel they proclaim. He heals, saves and will set you free from those things that have kept you in fear and bondage. It is really all pretty simple.

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