Spiritual earthquake in Buenos Aires

Last September 11th something very unusual happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Over 450 000 evangelicals of ALL denominations gathered at a main street (The widest street of the world: 120 meters wide) the crowd covering several blocks. At 3:59 PM when they were praying the area was SHAKEN!

Two unusual things happen: On one hand all evangelical churches were participating in unity such that pastors did not want to give their names, no list of personalities was read: it was only the Body of Christ praying in unity. At 3:59 the place was shaken. In many houses/apartments furniture just moved from its place. Interestingly enough the places that seemed to be more affected by the quake were those of the press: radios, TV stations, and newspapers. They called the seismic office to inquire about a possible movement in San Andres fault and their system had not registered any earth movement. Some of them suggested that the sound from the audio system and the crowd shouting might have produced the quake but then one remembered that many political meetings have taken place there with much louder noise and nothing happened. Some newspaper reported:"curiously at that exact time the evangelicals were praying"

It is interesting to mention that underground in that place there are some chambers that are used by the free-masons for their rituals! The Devils headquarters were shaken!!! The media can try many explanations but we know what happened: "And when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together was shaken" Act 4:31

We have just arrived from Argentina where we attended the 3rd Breakthrough Conference hosted by pastor Claudio Freidzon's church. In a couple days we will upload some reports. Source: Pastor J. Conrad Lampan

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