Miracles by God in muslim village in Uganda

WHAT IS HAPPENING in the area around the Islamic village of Nawansega is nothing short of miraculous! The name of God is being made great in an area that extends more than two hours in every direction from the Advancing The Kingdom Ministry Base and Christ Church.

People drive for two hours to this little village (Malaba), people ride their bicycles for two hours from another town (Bugiri), children walk for more than 5 hours from a far village to come and sing at this place. At times I am just overwhelmed and tears can only come to my eyes. No man can do this. It is God establishing His own reputation through the people who have agreed to be faithful to God.

They come because they want to be set free from the evil spirits that have controlled this region for generations. Muslims tell other Muslims to come to the born agains for prayer. Muslims come to ask who my witch doctors are because we have a power in our prayers that they do not have. Muslims ask why God seems to answer the prayers of our team members in ways that do not happen when they pray! Muslim men ask our women to pray for them that they might know God in the way that we teach.

Last Saturday, we had 220 at a small crusade in a neighboring village. Last Sunday there were over 219 in church. Of course there were many first time salvations and healings from the past week as there are every week.

The wife and child of our local Islamic political chairman were healed in the past week, the daughter had a tumor on her throat and was scheduled for some kind of surgery but God healed her and the tumor is gone! This is bigger than it sounds for it was this Islamic Local Chairman I who was opposing us in October of 2007. This man actually came to one of our meetings one week ago with a bible in his hands and wants to learn more of this gospel of Jesus Christ. God is demonstrating His character every day in this place.

Next week, I will have two former sheiks stand with me to minister in our villages. One of them formerly was over 5 mosques, the other one is from Saudia Arabia and Dubai before he came to Africa. We are expecting nothing short of the miraculous from these meetings.

Source: Cliff Pash - Our God is Faithful - March 3, 2008