They looked for a city
-by Bob Brunz.

What I am about to write was given to me by the Spirit of the Lord in the summer of 1974. It came to me by way of an open vision. What I received was a vision of the glorious Church of our Lord Jesus Christ from the time of the first reformation until just prior to the return of our coming Messiah and King. I believe this vision was given for the whole body of Christ for understanding and encouragement. I was very anxious to share it immediately with everyone I could. Since receiving the vision, I have shared it from time to time individually and in small groups over the past 33 years. The Lord spoke to me in prayer that I was to write down the vision and wait until He would release me to share it with the Body of Christ.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NKJV)-
    "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run who reads it. [3] For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come. It will not tarry."

Many times, in the early 1980's, I've wanted to share it with the whole body of Christ, but the Lord told me I would be releasing it in the year when He said. So I have waited. This is the year (2007) that I am supposed to release and share it on July 7th 2007.

Exactly 8 months ago I had a dream from the Lord Jesus. It was just before waking up on November 8th after the election. In my dream I was entering a large arena with my wife getting ready to attend a large Christian gathering when several young people recognized us and enthusiastically came up to us and shared how excited they were to hear what I was going to share in the meeting. I was shocked because I didn't know that I was supposed to be sharing and the fact was I had nothing to share. I questioned how this could be so since no one had asked me to preach. I then began to look for the spiritual authority or eldership team that was overseeing the gathering. Everybody I asked seemed dumbfounded when I asked who were the elders or leaders of the event. I even asked for some by name and nobody knew them. I then found myself in the office of this big complex praying on my face before the Lord. I was asking Him for the Word that I was to share with the people. I desperately cried out and felt so unqualified to give them anything. A man who I perceived to be an elder poked his head in the room that I was in and asked me what my message was going to be. This only added to my frustration. As I turned back to go on my knees to pray, I heard a friend's voice say to me, "They Looked for a City". I immediately understood what the message was that I was to share with the people. This was the title of the vision that I received many years ago. Immediately after this I saw the Lord Jesus standing directly in front of me with His piercing eyes looking in my eyes and through my soul and said to me, "It is time". I knew that now is the time to share my vision with as many as I can reach. I believe the vision speaks of an end-time Body of Christ that will rise up and fulfill the Lord's heart for His Church - that is that they love the Lord with all their hearts and learn to love one another and as a result win many to the Lord Jesus before He returns for His beloved Bride.

This vision happened in a split second of time with understanding. I will share the vision just as I saw it and understood it. Each time I share the vision it is clear and crisp just like the day I received it. The Lord continues to give me more understanding of it and allows me to experience His heart and the truth of His written Word concerning His beautiful Bride. This vision is in essence what I have labored for and given my live to in the past 34 years of ministry. I continue to look for that city (that Body) whose Builder and Maker is God. Heb 11:10(KJV)  My prayer is that the Spirit of the Lord will reveal to you, the reader, the understanding of the vision and encourage you in the days ahead as we journey together as the many membered Body of Christ.

The Vision:

I was at work talking with a friend concerning what would happen in the last days concerning the Church, when I received this revelation. The vision was given in an allegorical fashion, using the children of Israel to symbolize the Church. I saw the vision in a panoramic view (from my left to my right). I saw as it were the children of Israel "trekking" on foot in a very dry and sand filled desert. They were famished, exhausted and very thirsty. They were called out by the Spirit of the Lord, out of a land of bondage and to go toward a river to cross that led to their promised land. As they came across the dry desert sands, they crested a sand dune to see below them a very plush, green oasis. They were encouraged and strengthened at the sight of refreshing. As they ran; they were tripping and falling over each other to get there quickly.

Once they arrived, they all lavishly drank from the fountain of water that was effervescently bubbling up from the midst of the oasis. There was rejoicing, singing, dancing and great joy among these people. As they enjoyed the refreshing life giving water from the fountain, they relaxed in the plush greenery of the oasis. Rather than to continue following the voice of the Lord that drew them to the Promised Land, they decided to settle there to build a city and raise families, flocks, and herds. Because of the fear of the beastsof the field, they built a wall around themselves for protection. As the years and generations passed, the wall of the city became very high and the city's architectural beauty and structure looked like the cathedrals of the pre-Reformation days. The city and wall that they built was the pride and joy of the religious system of the day.

As I viewed this sight, I noticed that I could see underneath the surface of the ground beneath the city. What I saw was a reservoir of water, beneath the ground, from which the fountain was receiving its water flow. I saw that the water level was lowering and emptying out. I became concerned for the inhabitants of the city; because they didn't know that their supply of water was soon to be depleted.

As I looked towards the city again, I saw a white, billowing cloud moving from my right, toward the city. This cloud represented the voice of the Lord calling His people forward to their promised land. As it reached the city, it stopped right above the city, and hovered there for a time, and then gently descended upon the city. I then noticed the inhabitants in the city were being stirred one-by-one, in a type of renewal fashion. A segment of the time lapsed, and I noticed the reservoir of water was getting less and less.

I then saw a second cloud coming over the city, from my right side. This time, it was moving faster than the first one and it was grayer and darker in color. It also descended on the city, but this time more quickly that the first one. Again I noticed a change in the people in the city. This time those that were touched by the cloud were gathering together to form a sort of covenant community, or fellowship so that they could move as one people.

As I looked again I saw the reservoir of water drying up very quickly and it was almost depleted.  I then saw a third cloud coming in, at an even faster speed than the second one. This cloud was dark and turbulent, and meant business. This cloud paused briefly over the city just long enough for me to read the words that appeared on the cloud. The words: "Come out her my people" were written on the cloud in an arched, rainbow-shape. The cloud then dropped down very quickly on the city. I saw fear and adventure in the eyes of the people that were inside the walls.

I then saw a remnant of people climbing over the high wall to get out of the city as fast as they could. As I watched, my heart was saddened and grieved when I saw the unprepared and especially an older man that was not able to climb over the high wall of the city that was previously built around it.

I was suddenly taken to the outside of the wall on my right facing the river and the Promised Land. I saw the young pioneers and the prepared ones scaling the high wall with ease. I saw a remnant of people, escaping the city with bare the essentials for the trip. The men were young in their hearts, and they were moving towards my right with renewed vision and determination, to follow the Lord wherever His voice would lead them. I sensed in my spirit that the voice of the Lord was calling them to go in the direction to my right, to cross a river as the Lord had originally intended for the people.

I again saw this remnant of people moving across the desert, toward my right. These people looked like people of destiny. They were encouraged and ready to go all the way with the Lord. As time lapsed, I saw this people again becoming fatigued, hungry, and thirsty. The same thing happened as before, when I saw them coming across the desert, they rounded a sand dune and saw yet another oasis in the desert off to their right. All of the above happened again. The only difference was that the wall they built around their city didn't get as high as before and the architectural details weren't so elaborate. The same three clouds (voice of the Lord) came as before, and a remnant people left the city again, in search of what and where the Lord was leading them to.

This same scene happened about thirty-three (33) to thirty-four (34) times. All were the same, with the exception that each new city that was built had less and less and less architectural beauty than the previous one. Also, each wall that they built around each city become lower and lower with each successive scene.

Then I looked and saw the last city, in its initial stages of being built. Again the people were engaged in building a wall around the city. The first layer of block was laid around the perimeter of this last city that was about to be built. It was about six to eight inches high around the whole city. Before they could build this last city, I heard to the right of me the sound of a shofar blowing. As I turned and looked, I saw and heard two silver trumpets joining the shofar in their ushering in a new day. As I heard the heralding sound for the shofar my spine and back had shivers of electrical current going through it. As I looked toward the wall of this last city that was beginning to be built, I saw a young man about 29 years of age stepping over this wall and as he did I could see as far to my left and as far to my right there were men who joined him. They joined arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder and began marching toward the river to cross it in order to enter their promised land. As I looked at them, their faces were like flint, their eyes were that of an eagle's, and they did not break rank. All I could think of when I looked at them was that no one should even think about stopping them because they would mow down everyone who got in their way. I believe the look on their faces represent the Body of Christ as an army. Their faces were like flint represented their resolved determination and steadfastness. Their eyes that of an eagle represent a prophetic look - they knew where they were going and knew what was in their future. I believe when the Lord said that they did not break rank meant that they were in covenant loyalty to fulfill the purposes of God. As I viewed this event I experienced the glory of the Lord all around me.

I personally believe this vision will be fulfilled in the Lord's way and timing. I long for the day when the body of Christ is healed and matures to the place where the Lord Jesus Christ is tremendously glorified and honored

If this vision is confirmed in your heart and you believe it is for the Body of Christ, please help me share this with others and forward this email. We look for a city whose builder and maker is God.

For the Lamb,

Bob Brunz.
(Pastor - South Dakota, USA).