Prayer in Poland against the Black Madonna

Report from intecessors visiting Poland: Last year God said that this would be the nation who will fight many of the 'fights of the Lord' in Europe and as a result, set the nations in the 40/70 Window free form the worship of the Queen of Heaven. A wonderful victory was experienced in Czestehowa, where the Black Madonna is located. A local pastor, accompanied by a group of about 55 leaders and intercessors went on the 12th August to the Jasna Gora Temple, where the shrine of the Black Madonna is found. Here they repented of the idolatry that had taken place and followed with worship, prayer and proclamations.

The result of this prayer was awesome. Instead of the expected 1 million visitors to revere the Madonna on the 15th August, (which is seen as the ascension of the Madonna into heaven), only 250,000 pilgrims arrived. This is an indication that the altar is loosing its power in the spiritual realm. (One of the ways by which we determine the strength of an altar is the number of people visiting the site.) Praise the Lord!"

Source: Herald Ministry, 17 Nov 2000

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