Kalep Situmorang became a martyr in Indonesia

Pastor Benyamin Munthe from the G.K.I.I.-Church in Medan, Indonesia, is obviously on the death list - and God has protected him many times. Two months ago, a bomb exploded in his church, but nobody was hurt. Last month, they heard something scratch the car during a brief stop. They discovered that a bomb had been magnetically attached to the roof. They were able to remove it, and throw it in a river, where it exploded shortly afterwards. On Sunday September 17, two men rode up on motorcycles and started shooting at the car. They shot the driver, Kalep Situmorang, and then started firing at Pastor Munthe. He and his family called on the name of Jesus, and the attackers' guns jammed.

A few months ago, Pastor Munthe's church held a large 'City Taking' seminar with around 2,000 pastors from 40 denominations. Kalep recently watched George Otis' well-known "Transformation" video, which has been seen by some 35 million people so far. One report in the video is of Pastor Julio Ruibal, who was martyred for his evangelistic efforts in Cali, Colombia. Shortly after his murder, a revival started in the city (we reported). Another report in the video tells of Pastor Mariano from Almolonga, Guatemala, who survived a murder attempt when a pistol forced into his mouth jammed. "After seeing the video, Kalep remarked that the price for unity and revival among the Christians in a city is high, but that he would be prepared to pay it, if revival would follow!" reports a friend. "That has now happened. Kalep died.

We now pray that the price has not been paid for nothing, and that a revival will start in Medan," says Jeff Hammond, who sent the report.

Source: Jeff Hammond, jeff@link.net.id through Friday Fax 2000 issue 40, 6 September

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