Musik: Listen To The Harvest Sing

Ladda ner först (högerklicka, spara som…) eller lyssna drekt (vänsterklicka)!

All of the voices that shout
All of the voices that cry out to you and say
"What is it that the Lord is saying today?"

All of the people who have their needs
All of the people who long to see Me

I hear their voices calling to you
Looking for answers
Looking for things that are new

But there are other voices,
There are other sounds
Lift your ear to the heavenlies
There are those who gather round

It is the voice
Of those gone on before you - in prayer
Those who have paved the way
Ahead of you so go, go, go!
There is a sound of praise

Oh there is nothing that moves Me more
Than the voice of man praising Me
Take away the noise, take away the noise
And your voice is sweet to me

I see you singing, I hear you praising
Asking for more of Me.
I have sounds yet to bring
Voices that will lift up Me!

Listen to the heavens sing!
Listen to the harvest sing!
Voices yet you have to meet, in Me

Voices tried to choke out,
Heaven's sweetest song.
Voices come to rob you child,
Of a job well done!

Just let praises sing to Me!
Join the chorus voice of sea!

Many coming, many singing,
Many joining in the throng!

There is heaven singing with you,
Never fear the future days.

There is heaven cheering, singing
"Daughters, Sons, Come praise today!"
"Daughters, Sons, Come praise today!"

Tillbaks till: Tidens tecken.