"This baby is corporate prayer" 

An excerpt from Mahesh Chavda Ministries International "The Watch of the Lord" newsletter:

The following prophetic vision was submitted by a watchman from the Montgomery AL, Watch of the Lord:

I was standing at the edge of an enormous dirt field. It stretched in all directions almost as far as the eye could see, acre upon acre. Somehow I knew I was supposed to go and work that field. I also knew that the Owner of the field, for whom I worked, wanted the whole thing planted and cultivated and prepared for harvest. I looked across that expanse of earth again just to see if it was as vast as I first thought. It was. But on this inspection, I saw a few others far off in the field. Separated by wide distances, these individual workers were tending their respectible patches of land with diligence. I felt a responsibility to my Boss; even though I didn't think there was much chance at succeeding at this task, I thought I'd do what the others were doing and work my little spot of land as well. Maybe He'd send in more workers. "He'd better send a lot," I thought".

I looked down and saw that I was holding a small hand-held shovel. Something was written on it in tiny letters. I had to hold it up close to my face to read it. Squinting, I made out the word, "PRAYER." That inscription told me three things: 1) Prayer was definitely the tool to use in this field. 2) Something was lacking in the quantity and quality of my prayer life. 3) Everyone else in the field had a tool more or less like mine. Thinking that someday I might get a bigger shovel, I bent down and went to work.

Just like in a movie, time elapsed and there, instantly in front of me, were two tomato plants. One of them actually had a little green tomato on it. The second plant seemed to have some potential and I was beginning to work on a third plant. "Ah!" I thought, "Two and a half feet! Progress! Sure, sure, hundreds, maybe thousands of square acres to go, but this is nothing to sneeze at!" Actually, I was proud of my little tomato plants. They weren't of the hardiest stock, but they were something! I returned to my labors with my tiny prayer shovel in hand.

Suddenly I heard the deafening growl of a gigantic engine. "Vroom! Vroom!" I popped my head up like a startled gopher. And there it was on the edge of the field -- reverberating with power, smoke billowing from its exhaust pipe -- the most humongous tractor/combine farm thing I had ever seen. It was not just impressive, it was scary! I was totally dwarfed by its enormity. I looked at that machine and then I looked at the field. By my calculations what I and the others could not do in a lifetime, this thing could do in days.

Just then a kindly, jolly gentleman poked his head out of the driver's compartment and called to me.

"Working in the field?" he asked?
"Yes, sir, I am"
"Need any help?"
"Well, yes, sir, I do, actually. Can this rig of yours do the field?"
"Yep." He replied.
"Plow?" I asked.
"Water, too?"
"Yep, Its real good at that."

I knew one thing it probably couldn't do. "Weed?"

"Yep. It does it all. Better get on board."

So even though I hated to leave my little plants, puny as they were, I climbed up and joined the nice man in the cab. To my surprise, there were tons of other people in there with him. "Hey," I asked. "Who are you?" His eyes twinkled, and he grinned and said, "The Boss sent me." "Well," I asked, "What is this thing?"

"Oh, this?" He patted his giant machine affectionately and said,


c 1996 Mahesh Chavda Ministries Int'l


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