A witch came to a christian center and began vomiting on the floor and showing all kinds of demonic manifestations

Young Christians in El Salvador are constantly besieging heaven from a mountaintop Prayer Fortress.

...The building is in Coatepeque, 20 miles northeast of the capital, San Salvador. It rests on a mountain near an Assemblies of God church that was founded as a result of the Azusa Street revival, which began the modern Pentecostal movement. The spot to build the center was chosen last year "because that is where the flame of revival started here in El Salvador," Assemblies of God missionary Don Triplett told Religion Today.

...Dozens of young people come to the center every week for intense prayer, fasting, and counseling. They return with a zeal to start prayer chains and evangelistic groups in their churches, Triplett said. "I never knew prayer could be so much fun," some have told him.

...Prayer never ceases in the upper room of the Prayer Fortress. Teams of young people spend a week there, reporting in on Saturday for the "changing of the guard," Triplett said. They pray four hours a day in two shifts, in the morning and afternoon. Individuals are assigned one day to fast, and the whole team fasts together on Saturdays. During off-hours they attend classes about prayer, held on the second floor. The first floor has cubicles and bunks for sleeping.

...Most participants are members of the King’s Castle Ministry, a national evangelistic youth movement that Triplett founded. Some are new Christians who have come out of difficult backgrounds, such as living on the streets and participating in gangs, Triplett said. "They have a lot of baggage. Some have committed violent crimes." They tell their stories to chaplains, who counsel them from the Bible and pray with them.

...Many are freed of addictions, participation in witchcraft, and other sinful behaviors, he said "It’s a common thing for a person with sin in their life to walk into the center and fall on their knees." A witch who had attended church and cast spells on the pastor came to the center with him by mistake a few weeks ago. The witch "immediately began vomiting on the floor and showing all kinds of demonic manifestations," Triplett said. (My comment: By this we can see that a witch is coming in contackt with demonic power and is in the hands of the power which the Bible tells come from the devil, but that there is a power which is stronger than this demonic power and comes from God. Isn't it great that God has revealed so much spiritual insights for us through all the chapters in the Bible! Do you read your Bible? Do you take it seriously?)

...Triplett and counselors at the center prayed for the young man for a week. "He had been a high-level warlock and there was a legion of demons in him," he said. During the second week, the youth became a Christian and burned occult books and other witchcraft paraphernalia, and even his clothes. He is on a 30-day fast.

...The upper room is exclusively for evangelistic prayers, Triplett said. "We know that some will want to pray for their own needs, but we are stressing the unselfish prayers." Classes include instruction in "spiritual warfare," the practice of praying against demons that are said to influence countries, their leaders, and their inhabitants. People have reported seeing angels as they pray in the room, Triplett said.

...The results have been "glorious," Triplett said. Teens have been used by God to heal people of physical ailments and to deliver them from demonic oppression, he said. His 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth was praying in the upper room when a teammate told her to dip her hands in a bowl of olive oil because God was going to use her to heal people. Later that week, a family of deaf people was healed when she prayed for them, he said.

...The Prayer Fortress is a training ground for members of the King’s Castle Ministry. Triplett founded the evangelistic program in 1990, he said, after God showed him a vision of lost young people finding direction for their lives in Jesus Christ. Thousands of young people participate in about 250 King’s Castle evangelism teams, which spread the Gospel through drama and music presentations and one-on-one evangelism.

...The teams reach 100,000 people a month with the message of Christ, Triplett said, and 15% to 30% respond positively. The ministry sends teams to evangelize in neighboring countries, and about 1,000 made short-term mission trips to Nicaragua in 1998, he said. King’s Castle teams are at work in 10 Latin American countries and the United States.

(Religion Today, July 23, 1999, www.ReligionToday.com).

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